SSTER Shilling Contest takes light….

TheSpeedSter token shilling contest is live guys, dont miss out on this awesome shilling spree, get in to win aswesome rewards in USDT, details are below:


👑Are you a fan of the #Flash Series? then join SpeedSterToken in developing the project and growing the community GLOBALLY and collect USDT (BEP-20) rewards.

⏰Date: 22ND AUGUST 2022 10 AM — 4TH SEPTEMBER, 2022 12:00 PM(UTC)

🥇1st price: $100 USDT
🥈2nd price: $80 USDT
🥉3rd price: $60 USDT
🎖4th — 5th price: $50 USDT
🎖6th — 10th price: $30 USDT
🎖️11th — 15th: $25 USDT

🤝To Begin, Join our SpeedSter ARMY telegram group @speedstershillarmy and participate in the “Shilling” event to share from the pool of $600 USDT

💸The 15 Top shillers will be appointed to take home the prize.
To begin, Join @speedstershillarmy

💰Grab the chance to become a #SpeedSter now!

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About SpeedSterToken:


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A Charity Meme Token Inspired by The Flash Series

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