TheSpeedSter! A Charity based fully Decentralized Token

1 min readFeb 25, 2022
TheSpeedSter Token

An awesome news coming to the crypto space, A BIG BANG of intergalactic creation, THESPEEDSTER TOKEN! A charity based fully decentralized meme token inspired by “The Flash” series. This meme coin will be recorded to be the first-ever meme coin with developments and utilities unlocked with LIGHTNING SPEED.

TheSpeedSter Token has an exciting roadmap of value-adding projects every step of the way!

With its charity-oriented focus, this project is particularly concerned with others with disabilities (which hinder them from active participation in day-to-day activities) and seeks to change the narrative as much as possible towards empowering them and achieving their personal goals.

Welcome to a world of impacting lives at a LIGHTENING SPEED.

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P.S: No part of TheSpeedSter token is being sold yet. DO NOT BUY ANY TOKEN CLAIMING TO BE THESPEEDSTER TOKEN.